Monday, September 22, 2008


Yesterday on my way to Gap Creek Recreation Reserve to have a spill on my bike, take some bark off myself and hurt my hip/tail bone, I got a phone call from my mum saying "Congratulations". Of course I'm confused.

Back story - I take photos sometimes. Sometimes they are alright, sometimes they are shit. I went out a few Fridays ago and took some photos. Some of them came out alright, didnt think much of it, I never really do.

I came into work on the Monday, camera in hand to get the photos off the memory card because I had been too lazy to do it over the weekend. My mum saw one of them and really liked it and asked for a high res copy of it. I send it to her and soon enough it was the background on her work desktop. Thumbs up.

Now, back to the phone call. Turns out she entered my photo into an exhibition under my name without me knowing. Picked up first place in the Open Catergory (Colour) section. Of course I was a little shocked, but more so in the fact that she didn't tell me what she was doing. Quite a surprise really, mainly laughed about it.

Oh well. Here's to a $10 cash prize and piece of paper telling me I'm alright.

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